Experienced – Our staff have all worked previously for airlines and GSAs and are very aware of their role in delivering a great product to you and the agents. Motivated – Our sales staff are carefully chosen for their energy and commitment. They are well rewarded for meeting revenue and activity targets. Knowledgeable – Our staff are well trained and their development needs are constantly re-evaluated.


Awareness Of Your Brand

Your brand is our top priority. We will promote it online and offline in the most effective way.

A Powerful Support To Sales

A prominent brand is easier to sell. Our marketing efforts are practical and effective. Our tariffs are up to date and easy to use.


We measure customer awareness levels and brand likeability through annual surveys. This allows us to manage our progress. Our marketing activities are distinct from other GSSA’s. Your brand will have the highest possible awareness rates

Customer Service

We Set High Standards And Then Exceed Them – We recognise the importance of exceeding customer expectations. Our strategy is to offer the best customer service of all GSSA’s.

We Go The Extra Mile

With automated post flights, state of the art tariffs, great service and highly attentive sales staff, our mutual clients get a 5 star service.

Feedback Is Key

We constantly seek feedback from our carriers and agents to ensure we stay on top of our game. We are highly customer-orientated.

Our service is second to none, backed up by a highly developed IT system.

Management of your interests

Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Data capture of cargo in airline’s or own system
  • Cargo acceptance checks, including weight/dimensions, packing, labelling & documentation
  • Supervision of each arrival and departure of aircraft or trucks under our responsibility
  • ULD control
  • Post flight data via automatic e-mail
  • Tracing and claim handling